Who is Yeschef Design?

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My name is Nick, I am a 33 year old Illustrator and graphic designer located in Worcester, United Kingdom. I started doing illustration and design as means to move away from my previous career into something which was more suited to me.

Prior to working in design i was a Chef of over 10 years experience and the name Yeschef was a tribute to my former roots. I’ve always been a fan of cartoons and all things nerdy so i feel that has played a massive role in how my art has evolved over the years. 

Worcester has been my home now for the past 7 years moving all the way from a simple university student to a fully fledged designer & Illustrator

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What's the goal?

Our Mission

Modernism & minimalism has certainly taken it’s mark on the world as we know it. However we strive to bring to life a time once was. Rubberhose cartoons have been a staplemark in the world even today with the likes of Disney and Cuphead so our aim is to brighten up branding with some for flavourful designs and ambitions. 

Why Rubberhose?

Why not?

1930s rubberhose is a timeless art style that has stood the test of time. Its easy to say that Rubberhose designs are unbelievably flexible, Theres nothing you cant do with them. Anything can be a character of some form. We often underestimate it’s popularity and the style itself goes unseen. However, everyone knows the Simpsons right? Tom and Jerry? Betty Boop? and of course who could forget Mickey Mouse. All themed around a classic 1930s Rubberhose form. 

Rubberhose Illustration of French Fries

Cool Idea?

Lets give it life

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